Important Announcement - Action Required

We will be deprecating Amazon Widgets effective November 1st, 2015

If you currently have widgets on your website, they will continue to work, however you will be unable to modify them or create new instances effective November 1, 2015.

See our FAQs for complete details.

Introducting Native Shopping Ads

As a replacement for your widgets, try the new Native Shopping Ads that seamlessly integrates highly relevant recommendations into your web pages in a responsive ad unit

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Amazon Widgets

Amazon Widgets are rich, interactive mini-applications that bring Amazon functionality to your website. Start by selecting one of the options below. You'll then be able to customize your widget and we'll provide the HTML for you to use on your site. Learn more

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Add Search Widgets to Your Web page

Let your readers find and explore interesting products from without them leaving your site.

Contextual Recommendations (Beta) New

Add Contextual Widget Links to Your Web page

Automatically feature products that are contextually relevant to the content on your page based on Amazon’s unique content analysis technology.

Carousel Widget

Add a Carousel Widget to your web page

Take your products for a spin in the Carousel widget. Hand-pick your favorite products or choose from several lists including Amazon Best Sellers and Hot New Releases.

My Favorites

Add My Favorites Widgets to Your Web page

Express yourself by recommending and commenting on products from Let everyone know how you feel and what you like!

Deals Widget

Add Deals Widget

Showcase the hottest deals from Amazon on your web page. Delight your viewers with Goldbox deals or select a specific category to show discounted items and ongoing promotions from that category.


Add Slideshow Widgets to Your Web page

Make elegant slideshow widgets out of images chosen from products across the entire Amazon catalog - CD cover art, DVD's, books, anything!

Auto Part Finder Widget

Add an Automotive Part Finder Widget to your Web Page

Drive your referral fees up by enabling your visitors to find car parts for a specific vehicle year, make, and model using Amazon's Automotive Part Finder.

Wish List

Add Amazon Wish List Widgets to Your Web page

Show your Amazon Wish List in a widget and let everyone know what you like. Or show your friend or relatives Wish List to help plan a special occasion.

aStore Widget

Add Amazon Wish List Widgets to Your Web page

With aStore widgets, you can display products from your aStore. You can add aStore widgets to various pages of your website and drive traffic to your aStore.

Search Box

Add Search Box to Your Web page

Enable your visitors to search the catalog by placing product search boxes on your Web page.

Recommended Product Links

Add Recommended Product Links To Your Web page

Automatically feature products based on product categories or keywords.


Add Omakase Links to Your Web page

Leave it up to us! Automatically feature ideal products based on Amazon's unique knowledge about what works for your site, for your users and for the content of your page.